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हिमालय की अनेक जड़ी- बूटियों से बना घुटनाजीवक करे लेप एवं तेल के माध्यम से घुटनों के दर्द का तुरंत इलाज |


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Proven Ancient Ayurvedic Remedy for Knee Pain

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ghutna jivak


Ancient Sanskrit texts with detailed instructions on how to prolong life and promote health by eliminating the cause of disease rather than merely treating it form the basis of Ayurveda. The divine sages of Ancient India gathered together precious knowledge through the relentless exploration of nature and the human body, which was later named as Ayurveda. The result of this was a safe and sure medicinal system. Ayurveda makes use of only organic derivatives and botanical extracts to keep in balance the essentials of the body. Besides instructions on how to treat an ailment, Ayurveda also advises on maintaining a balanced lifestyle for preventing illnesses and sustaining cures. It's a complete philosophy for all-round physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Ghutna Jivak

Ghutna Jivak is one such miracle of Ayurveda, which not only relieves knee pain but also strengthens the musculature around it for better support. Through the blessings of Ayurveda, Ghutna Jivak is effective, easy, and completely safe!

दुनिया की किसी भी चिकित्सा पद्धति में घुटने के दर्द का कोई सटीक इलाज नहीं है , लेकिन हमारे प्राचीन आयुर्वेद में वो शक्ति है जो घुटनों के किसी भी प्रकार के दर्द को जड़ से समाप्त कर देती है | घुटने में जोड़ का, मांसपेशियों का, हड्डी का जो प्रकार है, नसों की जो संरचना है, उसके आधार पर 175 साल पहले यह आविष्कार किया गया था | घुटनाजीवक लेप एवं तेल घुटने के दर्द से राहत पाने का एक अद्भुत फॉर्मूला है। यह हिमालय की अनेक दुर्लभ जड़ी- बूटियों से बना है इसलिए यह उपयोग करने के लिए पूरी तरह से सुरक्षित है। इस लेप और तेल का नियमित रूप से इस्तेमाल किया जाए तो कुछ ही दिनों में घुटने के दर्द से छुटकारा पाया जा सकता है।

Ghutna jivak

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What people say about Ghutna Jivak?

Ghutna Jivak Testimonial

I was suffering from pain in both of my knees. It was a cause of worry as I am just 42 and I have a family to look after. I went to an orthopedist who told me this is caused by early arthritic changes in my knees and it may develop into full-blown arthritis in the next 3-4 years. I started using Ghutna Jivak, and you won't believe that even my physician was astonished after seeing the results. My knees are much better now and I am now enjoying with my life rather than worrying about it!

Ghutna Jivak Testimonial

My father had extreme pain in his knees. Doctor suggested knee replacement but my father didn't want to go for the surgery. Even Pain killers had no effect in his pain and were infact causing stomach disorders. One of my friends suggested Ghutna Jivak, but, I wasn't sure as to whether Ayurveda works well in curing knee pain at this age. Later, when all other remedies had no effect, I bought Ghutna Jivak, my father applied it regularly and now, he is feeling 80% better; that too in just a month's time!

Ghutna Jivak Testimonial

At 68, when doctor said that I should get my left knee replaced, I was more worried about the expenses than the complications of the surgery. I have been retired for 10 years and spending 1 lakh for one knee was not sounding wise to me. Then, my wife suggested me to try Ghutna Jivak once before going for surgery and I did that. Really, in just 2 months, I felt much better & relieved!

Ghutna Jivak Testimonial

When I got retired from bank, I thought I will enjoy my retirement by traveling to all places I always wanted to visit but always postponed due to my busy work life. However, soon after the retirement, I found out that my knees were not fit for even a casual evening walk in the park. I was heartbroken but the day I started using Ghutna Jivak oil, I felt life coming back to my knees. My knees are now much stronger and I can walk for miles hassle-free, without any difficulty!


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